Quality SEO Hints to Help Improve Your Website Rankings?

Any business that wants to improve its online business and presence understands the extreme importance of search engine optimization. The good news is that with over 200 different ranking factors making a difference, there is always a way to step up your efforts to make that push towards the top of the search engine rankings. Thanks to SEO Houston Pros for filling us in on some of the latest search engine marketing tips!

Step 1: Check Those Tags
There are three main types of tags to look at when it comes to your website. Those are:
– Alt tags for the pictures
– Meta tags for each page
– Heading tags for each page or post

The alt tags for photos and heading tags can give an SEO boost and while meta tags don’t help you to rank a page or website, having the same ones on each page will count as a penalty against you.

Step 2: Revise & Increase That Content
The Google Caffeine update gives some extra SEO credit to content that is new or has been revised or updated. This gives you enough reason to update old posts. Studies also show that the longer the content, the more likely it is to end up on page one of the search results. This gives you more motivation to revise old posts, adding in even more excellent content to keep extending that page and getting more helpful information that also ranks you for more keywords.

Step 3: Harness the Power of YouTube
Even a few basic videos of 5+ minutes, all about topics related to your niche, and all linking back to your website, can make all the difference. Google loves YouTube, and URL backlinks from some excellent videos can give a huge boost to all your SEO efforts.

Step 4: You Need to Link Internally
Most people forget to link internally, but that is one of the strongest things you can do to rank your website. These links can still be keyword anchored to push individual page rankings up, and if you doubled up by using sites like Webnode and Twitter Tweets with every single person post then you actually have a substantial amount of juice you can push forward with those internal links.

Step 5: Link Out to Authority Sites
In addition to internal links and getting some authority branded backlinks to your website, you also need to link out to some authority websites like Wikipedia or a big name general site. These outbound links build a lot of trust and look more natural than a website that doesn’t have them. Even adding in a small sprinkling of these can remove any penalties you might have for not linking out and give you a boost in trustworthiness, as well. We recommend creating social profiles like Crunchbase to help people find your company easier.

In Conclusion
When it comes to getting the search engine rankings you want for all your money keywords, a few basic actions can go a long way. If you follow the tips from these articles, you will be surprised how quickly it makes a difference as your website begins crawling up those search engine rankings for all your primary keywords.

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